Product Number 184

INDOOR/OUTDOOR WaterHog Silver mats feature the unique bi-level design that made WaterHog mats famous, with a new anti-microbial surface that reduces bacteria growth by 99%!


WaterHog Silver Mat


  • Anti-Microbial – Woven with a unique silver ion anti-microbial fiber, WaterHog Silver mats offer added protection from odor-causing bacteria
  • Dirt & Moisture Control – Bi-level surface effectively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking; water dam border holds moisture keeping it off your floors (WaterHog mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard)
  • Durable – Reinforced rubber nubs prevent pile from crushing and extend the performance life of the mat
  • Fade & Stain Resistant – Solution-dyed PET fabric (30 ounces/yard2) is resistant to staining, dries quickly, and will not fade or rot
  • Safe – Beveled edges provide a safe transition from floor to mat; WaterHog products are certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Eco-Friendly – PET fabric (30 ounces/yard2) is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic, and SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires
  • Available in 2 colors with choice of classic (rubber) border
  • Features – 78-mil SBR rubber with universal cleated backing or smooth backing
  • SURFACE Material: Solution-dyed PET (polyethylene terephthalate) featuring zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion exchange resin containing silver; may contain up to 3% latex.
  • BACKING Material: SBR rubber – smooth or universal cleated

  • Overall Mat Thickness: 3/8 inch (0.375″)


    • Passes CPSC-FF1-70 for the surface flammability of carpets
    • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    • Passes microbial activity standard AATCC 100-2012
    • Passes fungal resistance standard AATCC 30 Test III with nutritive agar
    • Passes fungal resistance standard AATCC 30 test III with non-nutritive agar

      WaterHog Silver mat features a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin that contains silver.  This resin is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that cause discoloration, odor, biofouling, and other aesthetic problems.  In independent tests conducted by The MicroStar Lab, WaterHog Silver mat reduced bacteria growth by more than 99%.  During testing, WaterHog Silver mat swatches are placed in a sterile container, inoculated with bacteria^, and incubated for a specified time.  After incubation, colonies of recovered bacteria are counted and used to determine percent reductions.  In the WaterHog Silver mat test, less than 1% of the bacteria remained; more than 99% had been reduced.  

      ^Specifically the klebsiella pneumoniae and staphylococcusaureus bacteria

      2′ x 3′ (23″ x 35″)
      3′ x 5′ (35″ x 58″)
      3′ x 10′ (35″ x 116″)
      4′ x 6′ (45″ x 71″)
      4′ x 10′ (45″ x 116″)
      6′ x 8′ (70″ x 97″)
      6′ x 10′ (70″ x 116″)
      6′ x 12′ (70″ x 143″)

      Please note, mat sizes are approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time. Tolerable manufacturing size variance is 3-5%.