Child placement and arrangement on a rug, will assist teachers for a more sensible, stable environment.

Having a rug that will fit all the children in a classroom is without a doubt a fabulous tool for arranging a calm, comfortable, well-organized environment for learning.  Teachers working with younger early learning students often conduct reading time or story telling time as part of their curriculum. This type of curriculum is a wonderful way to keep the children engaged, as well as calm and comfortable throughout the day. Creating a comfortable learning environment is a very helpful way to keep children eager to learn and happily attend school every day.  Special rugs made specifically for seating kids in a classroom are a perfect tool to accomplish a more comfortable learning environment. proudly offers these quality rugs at a reasonable price based upon quality and durability. has devoted an entire section that caters to “Seating Rugs” With our most popular rug being “Lots of Dots.” and “Star Space.”

A colorful rug with spaces for each individual child assigned with a colorful dot in each space.

A colorful red rug with individual spaces for child arrangement and a brightly colored star in each space. (Blue option rug also available)