Choosing a carpet or rug for your classroom is not a daunting task.  There are many variables and selections to choose from. There are several things you may want to consider when choosing a rug. A few highlights come to mind when considering a rug for classrooms and they are, classroom size, how many children will be in the classroom, what are the colors I would like to compliment, and does my classroom have a theme?  These are all questions that are easily addressed.  Once you have these questions answered the task of choosing a rug becomes easier.

Classroom Size- One important variable to consider is classroom size.  Is the rug going to be small enough or large enough to fit inside my classroom?  Is there enough space to accommodate a nice new rug for children to play and sit?  We recommend using a tape measure to provide a reference for yourself to obtain a better idea of the right size needed for your classroom.

How Many Children- Another important variable to consider is how many children are assigned to the classroom?  A classroom with 30 children will need a larger rug than a classroom of 20 or less kids.  With a larger rug the kids are not bunched in too tight during story time and instances when the entire classroom is grouped onto the rug. 

What colors to choose- There are many colors of rugs to choose from. Its best to make an attempt to compliment the colors that are already in the classroom.  Often times a solid color rug may be an appropriate selection. 

Classroom Theme- Many classrooms have themes. It is very nice to compliment a classroom theme with a rug that further exhibits that theme. has made shopping easy by placing our rugs into categories for you. We carry many different themes to accommodate almost any classroom.  Some examples may be music rugs, alphabet rugs, numbers rugs, dinosaur rugs, animal rugs, faith based rugs, sign language rugs, and early learning rugs to name a few.  round blue music rug with notes